Assembled Circuit Board Instructions

This document explains how to connect and power your assembled Fibonacci Clock Circuit board.


LED Pixels

Separate the three wires of the LED strip.


Strip the wires on approximately 5mm.

Important note  Some kits will ship with a slightly different LED strip. The green wire being replace by two transparent wires.

One of the transparent wires replaces the green wire while the other is connected with the white wire on the ground.

You should use the transparent wire soldered to the center pin of the LED circuit board. If you are not sure what wire this is use a voltmeter to test connectivity between the transparent wires and the white wire. You should connect the one not connected to the ground (white).

An LED strip with two transparent wires. Uses the one connected to the center pin of the circuit board (IN). The other is connected to the ground with the white wire and can be ignored.



Screw the wires in the block terminal. Insert the red wire in the terminal marked with a (+) sign.



Connect the 6V power to test the circuit.



You're done.